About Live Music

Music is the language of our souls that speaks to our hearts. From quiet & solemn songs to celebratory rhythms of life, our trained & professional musicians can fill your event with the songs that strum the chords your heart. Let us assist you with songs that fill the air and bring life your event.

Our Musicians

Mariachi Juvenil Herencia Mexicana

Our Mariachi is comprised of talented advanced musicians from various parts of the United States and Mexico. The Director, Alexander Cruz, was first introduced to Mariachi Music by his Father. After studying Mariachi music in Guadalajara, Mexico, Alexander sought to follow in his family’s legacy and direct his own group. With many years working closely together with the liturgical directors at various churches throughout Southern California, Catholic masses and sacrament celebrations is our specialty. We are also well versed in traditional and contemporary Mariachi favorite to liven up any birthdays, weddings, and parties all year round!

Bagpiper Darrell Calvillo

Darrell Calvillo is an award-winning bagpiper with nearly 20 years of experience. He has performed as guest artist with The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Blue Man Group, and The Chieftains. He has also recorded with large production groups to include Capitol Records, Amazon Studios, CBS, and TLC. Darrell is exceptionally talented and has a profound passion for music. His passion for music is extended as a musical educator, instructor, and mentor that has counseled numerous competition bands and individual students.

Our Standards

Talent & Passion

Talent and passion go hand-in-hand for great musicians. Talent without passion kills the souls of the music while passion without talent reduces the quality. We only work with musicians who possess both qualities.

Desire to Connect

Music is more than just a tune to listen to. At emotional events such as weddings and funerals, music can help people connect with their feeling. Our musicians understand the importance of connecting lights, sound, ambiance, mood, and timing to make the greatest impact in your heart.

Superb Presentation

Music is for the ears, but ever great performer understands the importance of visuals & presentation. Our musicians will always show up well dressed in event appropriate attire.