About Honor Guard:

Providing Military Funeral Honors is the nations’ way of showing gratitude and paying final tribute to a veteran’s honorable military service. Military Funeral Honors usually consists of four main components:

  • Casket Draped with U.S. Flag
  • Folding & Presentation of the Flag
  • Firing of Three Volleys
  • Playing of Taps
Grace Honor
Grace Honor

General Eligibility for Military
Funeral Honors

The following are eligible to receive Military Funeral Honors.
  • Military member who passed away while on active duty service.
  • Veterans who served in the active or reserve military and were discharged from that service by means of “honorable” or “under honorable conditions.”
The following are not eligible for Military Funeral Honors.
  • Individuals separated from the armed forces under “dishonorable” conditions.
  • Individuals who have been barred from veteran benefits.
  • Individuals convicted of federal or state capital crime.

Challenge & Solution


  • Not all eligible veterans receive all four components of Military Funeral Honors.

By law, every eligible veteran must be provided Military Funeral Honors upon request by the family. However, it is not always a guarantee to get all four main components due to limited resources. The Honor Guard teams are often stretched thin to the point a large number of Military Funeral Honors only consist of 2 to 3 man teams with very limited capabilities.


  • Grace & Honor, LLC aims to fill the resource gap through sponsorship programs.

We have partnered with veteran organizations, non-profit organizations, local promoters, volunteers and donors to create an Honor Guard program that strives to provide all four components of the Military Funeral Honors to every eligible veterans. Our program raises funds to train, assemble, and employ willing military service members to conduct Military Funeral Honors for our veterans. We ensures that all travel, equipment, and training expenses are fully covered so that our customers do not incur any costs.

Grace Honor
Grace Honor
Grace Honor

Requesting for Military Funeral Honors:

  • You can request for Military Funeral Honors through us by sending us a copy of the DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty).
  • Families and funeral directors/planners can fill out the Request for Military Records for Veterans Burial/Funeral Benefits Form to request expedited military records (such as DD Form 214) from the National Archives and Records Administration.

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