Typical Funeral Process

Identify a Family Representative
Contact a Funeral Director/Counselor
    • Transfer of remains to the funeral home/mortuary
    • Obtain Death Certificate (Completed by a doctor or coroner and a funeral director.)
Meet with Funeral Director/Counselor
    • Choose to embalm or cremate
    • Select Type of Service: Funeral/Memorial/Graveside
    • Select Date, Time, and Location of Service
Embalming / Cremation
    • Completed by the funeral home or mortuary
Send Notice & Invitation to Guests
Coordinate Funeral Arrangements
    • Memorial Service Location
    • Cemetery/Memorial Park
    • Clergyman
    • Casket/Urn
    • Hearse/Flower Car
    • Flowers
    • Motor Escort
    • Musician/Band
    • Dove Release
    • Military Funeral Honors
Conduct Funeral Service
Grace Honor
Grace Honor
Grace Honor

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