Our Florist

Floras Creations by Geovanny Gomez

Geovanny (Geo) has been designing and creating floral arrangements for the past 5 years with he purpose of brightening up the day of whoever is receiving one of his creations. For Geo, making beautiful floral arrangement goes beyond normal passion. His genuine desire to help people in need has always been apparent through his regular donation of flora arrangement to families who could not afford flowers for the funeral arrangement of their loved ones. Geo’s heart of serving the community along with his passion for flowers has led him to create some of most affordable and yet incredibly beautiful flower arrangements on the market.

Our Flower Arrangements

  • We provide a wide variety of floral arrangement for various events to include weddings, birthdays, graduations, funerals, anniversaries, and more!
  • Our flowers are made using the freshest flowers from local sources.
  • We have dozens of professionally designed arrangements for you to choose from. To see our full selection of flowers, please visit our Grace & Honor Flowers page.
Grace Honor

Rose Color Meanings

Versatility of Roses: Not Just for Romance

Roses are often the flowers of choice for romantic gifts. From petals strewn across wedding aisles to heart shaped bouquets for valentines, roses are the first choice from love at first sight all the way to 60th anniversaries. But did you know that roses have different meanings depending on their color? Roses are not just for romantic occasions. Depending on the color of choice, roses can mean be used to send different messages based on the occasion! Roses are one of the most versatile flowers because they have so many different meanings to them.

Rose Colors and Their Meanings

There are a lot of rose colors out there. So lets take it slow by starting with the basic natural colors and their meanings.