Dove Release

Release of white doves has been a time-honored tradition at significant events such as weddings, birthdays, memorials, and funerals. The flight of these beautiful birds adds a stunning sense of grace & beauty to any event. They can bring peace & hope during solemn events such as funerals or they bring a sense of love & beauty at joyous events such as weddings. We always bring the doves in a beautiful white wooden cage and provide background music of your choice to play as you release the doves. Our handlers can assist you in releasing the doves individually by hand to make it more personal or do a mass release.


  • White Doves: love, peace, hope, and new beginning

Butterfly Release

Butterfly release is a much newer tradition that also brings a sense of wonder, new beginning, and transformation of life. Butterflies are much easier to handle, budget friendly, and beneficial to the ecosystem. They are incredibly beautiful & delicate additions that can make your event truly unique! Our butterflies are delivered in beautiful individual release boxes that stand out on their own as they are displayed before the release.


  • Butterflies: beauty, mystery, spiritual rebirth, and transformation

Our Standards

We ensure that all our live animals are always treated respectfully & humanely.


  • Raised in large-ventilated sheds with free range to move in & out.
  • Transported in containers with mesh sides for optimal ventilation.
  • Trained handler provided to assist with setup & release.
  • Background music provided during release ceremony.


  • Raised in indoors in a temperature-controlled environment
  • Transferred to the release boxes within 24 hours of release.
  • Butterflies provided in premium decorated release boxes.